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Back to School Clothes

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As the summer winds down and we start preparing to send our kiddo's off to school there can be a lot of things to try and remember... but we'd like to help! That's why Lulu Lane has put together a shopping guide for all the cool clothes your little one could want this year. We have chosen the best quality products for any kind of personality... enjoy! :) little dudes 1. Jungle Gym King Tee 2. Laceez - shown in yellow 3. RHYLA bow tie  4. Parker Straight Leg Jeans 5. 'Sup Girl Tee 6. Native Shoes - shown in Pigeon Grey 7....

A Lulu Review :: Kiwi Crate + Giveaway

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Have you heard about the monthly boxes you can get in the mail? With so many options odds are you or someone you know have gotten one. Some more common ones you hear about are Birch Box, Bark Box, Club W, and Graze. However, you rarely think of monthly boxes for children. That's why this week we decided to test out the Kiwi Crate!     When looking into the Kiwi Crate, what really caught out attention was that "Kiwi Crate was created to celebrate kids’ natural creativity and curiosity. We want to make it fun, easy, and delightful to spend time building, exploring...

The Ultimate Outdoor Scavenger Hunt + Free Download

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We all know that summer goes by in a breeze. That's why you need to take advantage of it while it's here!   Help your kids explore this summer with our ultimate outdoor scavenger hunt! It's an easy game that will keep kids entertained while they explore nature.   There aren't many (or any) rules to the game. You can make it super competitive, not at all or anywhere in-between. For example, one variation would be to put a time limit on it. Such as whoever can get the most items crossed off their list in 1 hour gets to choose what type of...

Watermelon Lemonade Slush

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  Hot summer days call for many things - the most delicious of them all is watermelon lemonade slush! This recipe is super simple, quick, healthy + hydrating! The kiddo will love it and so will you - lets get started. You will need :: WatermelonLemonsIceBlender/Food ProcesserStevia      Get all of your ingredients ready Put ice in blender and use the appropriate setting to make your ice look like snow! Transfer ice to a bowl and set aside for later Chop your watermelon and cut your lemons and place/squeeze into blender  Blend watermelon and lemon juice until liquid and take a...

summer reading list 2015

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IT'S FINALLY HERE :: S U M M E R  2 0 1 5 About time, am I right? Summer means sun, fun + kids... home... all summer. As amazing as it is to have our little ones around, sometimes we need a break. Even the kids! To help you + your kiddo's get through the summer with sanity in tact, we have put together a trusty summer reading list. Some of our selections are for the mama's out there and some are for the kiddo's. Below you'll find books for every kind of reader along with an overview of the storyline. Shall...