A Lulu Review :: Kiwi Crate + Giveaway

Abbey Rorvick

Have you heard about the monthly boxes you can get in the mail? With so many options odds are you or someone you know have gotten one. Some more common ones you hear about are Birch Box, Bark Box, Club W, and Graze. However, you rarely think of monthly boxes for children. That's why this week we decided to test out the Kiwi Crate!



When looking into the Kiwi Crate, what really caught out attention was that "Kiwi Crate was created to celebrate kids’ natural creativity and curiosity. We want to make it fun, easy, and delightful to spend time building, exploring and creating together."


Uhm, sign us up! Am I right mama's? Anything that can stimulate our children's creativity and thought processes while letting us spend time with them is worth a try. We will be looking at the Kiwi Crate from a couple angles :: quality, creativity, difficulty, a child's final opinion of the box, and a parents final opinion of the box. Let's get started!


The crate we selected to try out with out little ones was the Feathered Friends Crate ($16.95). This is one of the single crates available for purchase, however, you can also get a monthly subscription (paid in full, monthly billing, or you can gift a subscription) or purchase individual mini crates. The great thing about this company is that there is so much more than just Kiwi Crates (that are targeted for children ages 4-8. There's also Koala Crate (ages 3-4), Thinker Crate (ages 9-14+), and the Doodle Crate (ages 9-16+). Each of them are unique in the kinds of boxes they offer which is great because that means there's something for every kiddo!




The overall quality of the product was actually better than I thought it was going to be. I am not sure what I was expecting in terms of quality, but whatever it was it was far surpassed. The box was packed very neatly and nothing was broken or damaged. We are giving the Kiwi Crate an A+ in this category! 


When I was first looking at the box options I was a little concerned that the girls would think it was too simple or boring. I am pleased to say that they loved it! Since we had three girls working on the one box (Mia 7 years, Kristina 8 years, and Kate 10 years) we had to kind of divide up the crafts. Kristina was in charge of the wings and mask. Kate put together the nest and eggs. And Mia just wanted to color. I think it is very important to keep in mind the age of the kiddo you are buying for. Since Kate was above the age range that the box was targeting I could tell she thought it was a little simple, however she still had fun spending time with her sisters and playing with the end product.

Another fun thing about this specific box is that the beak on the mask can be changed so all the girls could be different birds when playing with the costume! 



This is a hard area to comment on because I feel it differs so much from child to child. What I noticed is that Kate found it a little easy because she was older than the box was meant for. However I feel with Kristina that the difficulty was perfect. It was challenging enough that she had to read and follow the directions, but not too difficult that she needed help from the adults. 

And Mia just wanted to draw Kiwi birds... Ha!



When I asked Kristina how many thumbs up she would give the box she looked at her hands and said "can I give it ten?" I also asked her if she would like to do a craft like this each month and she said YES!

Kate told me that she would give it a 7 out of 10 which is about what I expected her to say. She had fun but it wasn't challenging enough for her so I think next time we will get her a Thinker Crate.

Mia said that she had fun and would like to do something like this every month, but she would want a box of her own. She also has decided that the Kiwi bird is her new favorite animal and wants to know if Kiwi birds like to eat Kiwi fruit... So if any of you know the answer to that let us know! :)



This is absolutely a new favorite! The price seems about right considering that the supplies are perfectly portioned and ready to be put together. You could choose to go out and buy the supplies yourself, however you'd probably end up spending more money, time, and be left with a bunch of supplies left over. It's a convenience thing for sure.

The girls had so much fun and loved playing with the costume once they were done. The total time it took from start to finish was about 30 minutes - keep in mind that we split it between three girls. In the end it kept them entertained and they had fun so we approve of the Kiwi Crate! :)



Do you want to try out a Kiwi Crate? Well you're in luck! 


Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite craft is to do with your little ones and you could win a single Kiwi Crate of your choosing! A random winner will be chosen on Friday July 31st. 


Happy commenting and good luck! :)



  • 2 girls love crating, sewing and using their imagination. This is great:)

    Nicole Herr

  • We are up for any type of craft but if we can take it outside and be creative, then we enjoy them all the more!


  • We love sewing! A recent favorite project was having the kids write their names, then stitch them with embroidery thread—then we made those name panels into pillows. Simple but fun!


  • Sadly i haven’t done too many crafts lately – this would definitely help!


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